Not Nice Thought

With no one in mind, really just inspired by a song, I thought to myself,  After I burn you, I’ll bath in your ashes and dust myself off like nothing happened. I don’t feel that away about anyone, but it’s just where my mind goes to sometimes… I don’t qualify as a “good person” unfortunately, … More Not Nice Thought

Never Again

Falling in love with one wrong person has completely disillusioned me from wanting to love someone again. I want to, but I can’t seem to believe that love is real. That it’s actually out there in others. I  used to think I had all this love and all this compassion to just pour into someone, … More Never Again

Sgt. Commando

It’s 1:03 pm in overcast Colorado. No birds. No thunder (yet). Hardly any sunlight, with an empty plate to show the remains of a makeshift grilled cheese with a side of bacon. As I was surveying my Twitter (which I actually read only twice a day max), I realized how weird I am. As I sit … More Sgt. Commando


As I watch the months slip by right in front of my face, I can’t help but feel as if I’m where I’ve needed to be this whole time. The good, the bad; it’s all right with my soul. My anxiousness and doubts have faded and I find myself enjoying my own solidarity once again. … More Imageless.

Remember Me, Pan

I couldn’t even if I wanted to forget him. You never forget people like that because the truth is, people and love who come into our lives like that never die out. I cherish all those memories we used to hold on to get us through the toughest times. He was my whole world and … More Remember Me, Pan

Brand New (Peace)

I want to make sure that as I write this, my intentions are in the right place. Although I’m feeling my happiest in such a long time, I don’t want to come across as cocky or spiteful and I want to make sure that as I write this that it’s not coming from that place. … More Brand New (Peace)